Blue World

BlueWorld Coffee Tea House
It is coffee shop chain created in 2012 by Kim Sam Soon.
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BlueWorld Coffee Tea House
22 Tea, 22 Coffee, 22 IceTea, 22 IceCoffee, 22 Soft drincks, 22 Cakes, 22 Sandwiches
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BlueWorld Coffee Tea House
Open buffet every Saturdays & Sundays. 5AM to 11AM
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BlueWorld Coffee Tea House
open 24 hours 7 days by 7days. With free internet high speed. Connection socket every tables
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Legendary for fair-trade and organic Tea&Coffee, espresso drinks, old-fashioned bottled sodas, fresh fruit smoothies, home-made pastries & breakfast sandwiches

BlueWorld Internet is free for all customers who make orders in ours Coffee house. You can use our fast internet via our tables or by the Walls. Internet is available 24 hours /7 days.

Blue World Coffee Tea House the best Coffee tea house in the world

BLUEWORLD Cocholat cakes


BlueWorld Coffee Shop

Take away all available. Atmosphere : modern and vibrant Open time 5am to 00pm 7 days to 7 days. Internet Free and illimited. A unique space to rent to read books, manga, and you can see author’s celebrities in dedicate or special reading scene.

Laptop plugging available to use your laptop (working place). You can also enjoying our Japanese terrace all seasons. Special salon Fresh breads, all kind of croissants every day, fresh salads, Vanilla latte, tea house all king of tea, soft drink juices. Smoothies.

22 Coffees, 22 Ice Coffees, 22 Teas, 22 Ice Teas, 22. Soft drinks, espresso-based drinks and pour over made with house-roasted coffee. Breakfast every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 5am to 11am. 4 STYLES of breakfast. Food, gelato and waffle, cooking, muffin, cakes, burger, sandwiches

Kim Sam Soon 2022-01-07


BlueWorld is one of the dreams of my life

BlueWorld is one of my life’s dreams. BlueWorld is the marriage between my passion for books and my passion for coffee.

I created BlueWorld to have a place where my friends, my family and the rest of my world can spend time, relax, meet other people, meet authors at book signings and listen to music.

A place that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To spend time when you don’t want to be alone at home, when you want to meet friends in a place of peace and security.

To have a place where you can work quietly and use the internet for free, a place to read a book in a home-like atmosphere. BlueWorld wants to advance the cause of the world’s poorest people, so even the poorest can have a hot meal.


Our GREAT DRINKS are the buzz of the neighbourhood!

 We offer a huge variety of Espresso Drinks, from the Café Latté and Café Mocha to the refreshing blended Ice Cap. We brew five coffees all day, every day: French Roast, Velvet Hammer, Colombian, Jamaican, Honduras and Decaf Vienna. Our coffee uses only the highest quality Arabica beans and offer all available Certified Fair Trade and organic coffees.

Our GREAT FOOD can be enjoyed from early morning through late evening!

 Most of our pastries and other goodies are baked right on site. There’s never a bad time for nibbling on a fresh Muffin, Cinnamon Roll, Sticky Bun, or one of our Gourmet Cookies. Along with our delicious breakfast sandwiches, always served hot and fresh.




Our GREAT SERVICE is by our friendly crew!

 We love how deeply connected with the community around us we are. Most of our baristas grew up in the area. Whether college students passing are by on their way to class, or long-time residents are meeting up for long talks over coffee, no one is a stranger at BlueWorld. Here you can use our fast internet connect all us you want.


Our GREAT ATMOSPHERE is drawing fans from the entire metro area!

 BlueWorld Coffee Tea House is a perfect blend of warmth, comfort and quick service. We feature an original maple floor, with oak wainscoting, a double fireplace, leather easy chairs and unique antiques. Warm colours and soft lighting makes our shop as cosy as a cup of fresh coffee. Stop in and see for yourself why we are not just another coffee shop.

Our clients say

BlueWorld is a wonderful place to take a rest and a nice coffee
Hilary Leigh
The team over there is so kind and always present for you
I love to take the brunch every Sunday in the BlueWorld coffee Tea House
Quintin Angus
I love the French cakes in BlueWorld I can eat and use the wifi all I want it
Jillie Tempest